Kickboxing / JKD

  • Muay Thai otherwise known as Thai boxing is taught for power.  It teaches the student powerful elbow, knee and kicking combinations.
  • Filipino and Western boxing is taught for close in fighting.
  • French Savate is added to the mix to teach agility and balance with fast multiple strikes using the hands and feet.
  • Jun Fan Kickboxing – Bruce Lee’s own personal kickboxing is added as the student progresses.

The above program is good for self defence, fitness, flexibility and co-ordination.

Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do is the art and philosophy of Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee researched various systems to create his own style: Jeet Kune Do-The way of the intercepting fist.

He used modified Wing Chun combined with Western Boxing and principles taken from fencing. In addition, he incorporated elements of Northern Chinese kicking and rounded his style out with wrestling and Jiu Jitsu .

Bruce Lee’s approach was revolutionary at the time. Cross training in different styles to create a more rounded system was unheard of. He later encouraged students to find their own path following his teachings and not limit oneself to one particular style or system.

At Mick Shore’s Academy we teach Sigung Bruce Lee’s method of Jun fan Jeet Kune Do using simple economic moves to end a fight as quickly as possible. One of Bruce Lee’s students Sifu Larry Hartsell was encouraged by Bruce to research the grappling arts.

Larry spent the next 30 years researching Catch wrestling, Shooto, Sombo, Filipino Martial Arts, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai and Silat to find what works in real combat. He coupled this with his real life experience as a door man and bodyguard. He produced his own method of Jeet Kune Do. Sifu Larry became Mick’s personal mentor in Jeet Kune Do and promoted him to the rank of full instructor before his passing in 2007.

Mick is Sifu Larry Hartsell’s Chief UK Instructor and offers his no nonsense approach to JKD as well as what Bruce originally taught in the 1960’s.